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Our cancellation conditions are changing!

The cancellation conditions

The cancellation conditions stated below apply in all cases except for force majeure and cases beyond people’s control as defined by article 1148 of the french civil code. If you are merely going to be late, let us know as quickly as possible.

Cancellation by the client. All cancellations must be confirmed in writing and will be dealt with in the following way.

-If the cancellation is made more than thirty days before arrival, the deposit will not be refunded.

-If the cancellation is made less than thirty days before arrival, the stay must be paid for in its entirety.

Cancellation by the camping site. The camping site can cancel the reservation for any reason before the client’s departure. In this case the client will be refunded any money they have already paid and will receive compensation equal to the amount of money they would have to pay if they cancelled on the same date.

New: flexibility guarantee

If, however, your stay is affected by measures taken by the powers at be for reasons related to the Covid 19 crisis :

You can postpone your stay or get a refund for the amount you have already paid (not including insurance).

Download the campsite’s general sales conditions.

Optional cancellation insurance

OUR PARTNER : Campez Couvert

We offer an optional extra cancellation and interruption insurance policy with our rental contracts. Our partner, Gritchen Affinity will refund all or part of the stay of anyone who has taken out a Campez Couvert insurance policy. If you have to cancel, please notify the campsite by mail or e-mail as soon as it is clear that you cannot come.

If the claim is laid down in the general conditions, which are available at the web site and at the campsite, please notify the insurance company within 48 hours and make sure you give them all the necessary documents and information.


New: Covid 19 Extension. At last an insurance policy that cares for you.

In addition to your general cover Campez Couvert covers you against Covid 19.


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