THE Côte des Isles

Things to see and do on the Côte des Isles in Normandy.

Close to the four star campsite L’Espérance.

The wonders of the Côte des Isles in Normandy

The four star Normandy campsite L’Espérance is ideally located on the sea front in the heart of the Côte des Isles and will be the base for your holiday when you discover the wonders in and around Barneville Carteret. Find out about the unmissable sites close to where you’re staying and turn your holiday into an unforgettable family adventure in Normandy.

The Côte des Isles awaits you

Don’t miss the sites close to your campsite. Without having to go too far, you can have a great time visiting the areas around Barneville Carteret, Portbail, and Denneville or even discovering the Channel Islands, which are a little further afield. Book your campsite in France’s Manche department.

Go bathing and visit Denneville

If you want to go bathing, on-foot fishing or land sailing on your trips, Denneville and its beach have everything to attract you. It is the perfect destination for your holiday outings.

You can also discover Denneville’s heritage :

  • The church of Ormonville La Folliot (5 minutes away) The ruins of Notre dame church stand in the former village of Ormonville La Foliot. What you will find is more than just a church, it is  the memory of a village and a lord of the manor. There was already a church on this site in the 12th century, and this one dates from 1759. The church fell into ruins when it was attached to the parish of Denneville, and it is only the inhabitants’ attachment to the church which has saved it from further disrepair. The church holds the tombstone of Pierre Marie Eustace D’Omonville, the last lord of Omonville and the first mayor of Denneville.

  • The church of Saint Remi (4 minutes away) The church of saint Remi stands in the town of Denneville and was built in the 15th century. The 16th century frescoes of the four evangelists on the ceiling are its stand out features.

Portbail (or Port-Bail-sur-Mer) ; its heritage, its shops and its beaches.

You can find there the church Notre-Dame de Portbail and its beautiful baptistery, its unusual shops and weekly market, its wide beach to walk or ride along on horseback and its water sports and sailing clubs. When you get out of your tent, camper van, caravan or mobile home, go straight to Portbail to spend a day in the fresh air.

Barneville Carteret, just next to the campsite.

L’Espérance campsite is located near Barneville Carteret, so you can get to this seaside resort and its rugged beaches easily to take your children to the sea. You can also visit its pretty church and its iconic lighthouse, and if you want to find a good restaurant or go to the cinema, don’t hesitate to ask us for information for your rentals in mobile homes, tents, Tithomes or furnished tents

Heading to the Channel Islands

Go on an unusual boat trip; Get on a vedette boat that leaves from Barneville Carteret and go to the Channel Islands for a short stay or for the weekend.You will enjoy Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney or Sark for its dual culture reminding us of  Great Britain and France’s shared past and present.

Things to do on the Côte des Isles

Whether you want to walk along the beaches and hiking paths, visit the museums and historic sites or try the local specialities, we will give you the lowdown on all the things to see and do that you shouldn’t miss during your stay on the Côte des Isles in Normandy.

Plan some visits to the beach

The four star campsite L’Espérance is only 400 metres away from Denneville beach. Plan your picnic in advance and plant your parasol on the beach at Denneville, Barneville Carteret or Portbail-sur-Mer to have great days doing nothing, discovering the water sports or simply going for romantic walks next to the foam of the waves in Normandy.

Get your hiking shoes on for some beautiful hikes

The famous Customs Officers’ Path or GR223 is not far away and you can join it to discover the Côte des Isles coastline, which is so full of beautiful landscapes and so colourful. While you’re walking the Customs Officers’ Path you can discover the Dragon Grotto on the Carteret headland across from the Channel Islands. From the campsite you can also discover local hiking paths in Cotentin area.

Sites and museums to visit

You will find many tourist sites and museums to visit as a family close to the campsite. For example there is the Parc manor house, the lighthouse at Barneville or the Cotentin windmill. But you can see also the Barbey d’Aurevilly Museum in Saint-Sauveur-Le-Vicomte. These are visits in Normandy that both young and old will enjoy.

Try the local gastronomy

You will also discover the richness of Normandy through its food. Try the local specialities and find out all the secrets about how they are made. Visit local producers like the Biscuit House in Sortosville-en-Beaumont, Cotentin Hams in Lessay or of course the cider house Le Domaine de Rugueville at Port-Bail-sur-Mer and get to know the local produce of Normandy. Have a great time tasting the products or buying from the little shops that won’t fail to make you want to buy their products.

Having fun as a family on the Côte des Isles

There will always be an activity to do or an outing to go on on the Côte des Isles. From L’Espérance, your campsite with bathing area, you can relax on the beach, go for long walks, visit some museums or do some water sports or horse riding. There is enough to do to fill up your days and have some stories to tell at the evening barbecue.


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