What there is to see in Cotentin region

What you can discover in the Manche department in Normandy

Visit the Cotentin Peninsula : Cherbourg and around, Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue, La Hague and the Clos du Cotentin.

L’Espérance campsite is ideally located 50 minutes from Cherbourg on the Cotentin peninsula in the  Manche department.  Near this town you can find many places to see as a family for walks, museum visits or gastronomic tours. We have looked them over to help you make your mind up.

Visit Cherbourg and places nearby

As the town of Cherbourg is only 50 minutes from L’Espérance campsite, you will need to know in advance all the must-visit tourist sites. These are ideal family trips as they combine fun and education to delight both young and old.

Things to see in and around Cherbourg

The region around Cherbourg is full of historic places like Cherbourg Bay where you can see tall and beautiful sailing boats along with cruise ships and military buildings.Don’t miss the Italian style theatre, the Emmanuel Liais Park or the must-see Cité de la Mer. If you want to go deeper into history , you can visit the liberation museum, or you can go to the Ludiver planetarium for a ride into space.

Explore La Hague

La Hague is a haven of greenery and natural beauty that is a favourite place for nature lovers. A walk on the Customs Officers’ Path or the GR223 is a must for fresh air enthusiasts. You can go as far as the Nez de Joburg, a rocky headland that splits the English Channel over a few metres that are covered by foam from the water. On your way you will find the unusual Port Racine, which is one of the smallest ports in France.

See the richness of the Val de Saire

The Val de Saire is full of must see places, including Saint-Vaast-La-Hougue, which was voted the favourite village of the French in 2019. However, you will also find Barfleur, one of the most beautiful villages in France. You can also admire the landscape from the viewpoint of La Pernelle and try the delicious biscuits of Quinéville or the mothwatering brioches of Vast.

Discover the Clos du Cotentin

The Clos du Cotentin is rich in landscapes, parks, boat rides and architectural heritage and is one of the birthplaces of Normandy beauty. Walk around Valognes, aka the little Versailles of Normandy, visit Briquebec castle, walk around Saint-Sauveur-Le-Vicomte and discover the fauna and flora in the Cotentin marshlands park in Carentan. You can then finish up with some Normandy Landings sites like Utah beach, Sainte-Mère-Eglise or some of the commando landing sites in the Marshlands.

Organise your trips in the Cotentin

All the trips and activities you shouldn’t miss during your stay in Normandy starting with Cherbourg and around. This will help you decide what to see with your children and make sure you don’t miss any of the must-see sites.

The most beautiful beaches in the Cotentin

You can count on the beaches of Port-Bail-sur-Mer, Barneville-Carteret, Collignon, Siouville and Jonville as well as the Ecalgrain Bay, if you want to do some on foot fishing, try some intense water sports or simply go bathing. it is difficult to list all of the beaches, as the region is a paradise of sand and rugged coastline. Put your parasol down anywhere you want and you are bound to have a good time.

The best hikes to go on

Along with the GR223 (aka the Custom Officers’ Path) the Cotentin has several hiking paths that you shouldn’t miss. You have the Englishmen’s Path, the Val de Saire road or the headlands path, where you can see some of the most beautiful coastline by going up to the Nez de Joburg in the direction of Cherbourg.

Some iconic sites and museums

Many artists have lived and worked in Normandy, so many museums and walks have been created around these cultural sites. Don’t miss the house of Jacques Prévert, who is a favourite of French schoolchildren, the Thomas Henry museum in Cherbourg or the Tourp manor house.

The parks and gardens of the Cotentin

Because Normandy has its own particular climate, it is a land where lush gardens grow and can be seen during day trips or when you want to get a breath of fresh air. You will find a romantic botanic garden in Vauville castle with a a national nature reserve around it that takes in a natural pond. In the same vein, the parks of the castles of Flamanville and Nacqueville will also delight you with the richness of their colours.

Organise your day trips around Cherbourg and book your seaside campsite in Normandy

L’Espérance campsite is located on the Cote des Isles in the Cotentin peninsula, which will enable you to find exciting actives and places to visit for your family very easily. There is no end of sailing clubs and equestrian centres, the beaches and hiking paths are waiting for you and the many historical places will open their doors for you. Don’t wait any longer to put together your tourist schedule and book your campsite in Normandy. Book your mobile homes, pitches, Tithomes or furnished tents in your campsite in Normandy!



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